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The Fulcrum Series proudly embodies the seamless integration of both form and function, where comfortability takes center stage and ergonomics are crafted to cater to your unique needs. Our mission is to elevate your daily experience by offering a harmonious blend of comfort and protection, redefining what it means to live a balanced and well-supported lifestyle.

Bracoo is dedicated to helping people prevent and recover from injuries. Our goal is to provide knowledge and guidance to our valued customers as they embark on their lifelong journey to stay active and healthy. After many years of research and commitment, Bracoo has helped usher in a new era for braces. 


Advanced Compression Stitch Material

Our specially designed fabric, refined by our shaping machines, facilitates the creation of a slim, skin-friendly brace that guarantees unparalleled quality and comfort.

Lightweight Elasticity

We prioritize your well-being by utilizing lightweight and elastic materials, ensuring users receive perfectly balanced support and dynamic compression distribution.

Everyday Confidence

Tailored for everyday use, our Fulcrum products are dedicated to injury prevention and general protection, granting customers the assurance and protection needed to tackle daily activities and intense exercises.

Customized Support

The shaping machine differentiates each area of the body, making firmness and thickness adjustments according to the needs of the user.

Quality and Ergonomics

The Fulcrum series places a resounding emphasis on quality and ergonomic design, consistently striving to deliver the most effective injury prevention solutions while maintaining the highest level of comfort.

Different body parts are given different pressure values, the customization enhances user comfortability. Fitting the right body part with the right amount of pressure and protection.

Mild (Level 2)

Wrist Fulcrum Wrap

Elbow Fulcrum Sleeve

Knee Fulcrum Sleeve

Moderate (Level 3)

Wrist Fulcrum Wrap

Elbow Fulcrum Wrap

Knee Fulcrum Sleeve

Firm (Level 4)

Wrist Fulcrum Wrap

Thumb Fulcrum Wrap

Thumb Fulcrum Wrap

Strong (Level 5)

Wrist Fulcrum Wrap

Knee Fulcrum Wrap

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