BRACOO’s Newly Designed FS60, Lightweight and Comfortable, Equipped with a Unique Stabilizing Strap

FS60 Ankle Airy Sleeve

California, USA – August 15th, 2023 – BRACOO released the FS60, a newly designed ankle sleeve that combines dynamic compression with a stabilizing support strap to provide a healthy balance of protection and comfort for the ankle.

Breathable Design
The FS60 is made of soft, breathable material that hugs the skin comfortably without causing any irritation. It is made to protect and support your active lifestyle, making it a great companion for your everyday activities.

Dynamic Compression
Dynamic compression helps manage indications of discomfort around the ankle. Frequent use ensures proper range of motion, thus gradually developing muscle memory and laying a solid foundation for the ankle.

Why the FS60?
Prevention is Key. Ankle injuries are quite common, especially in individuals who don't adequately warm up before exercising. The FS60 can alleviate existing ankle discomfort and help avoid future injuries.


  • SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE — Premium elastic strap coupled with dynamic compression provides durable support for the ankle.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE — Thin and breathable fabric ensures skin comfortability. The cuffs on each end of the brace provide a non-slip fit.
  • DAILY ANKLE GUARD — Additional protection enhances overall stability and helps to avoid ankle re-injury. The brace fits comfortably within footwear.
  • EFFECTIVE HEEL RELIEF— Profiled knitting creates proper compression around the heel and helps alleviate mild heel discomfort.


  • Color: Gray / Black
  • Size: S/M, L/XL
  • N.W. (g/pcs ): (S/M)124g, (L/XL)138g
  • G.W. (g/pcs ): (S/M)138g, (L/XL)153g
  • Single Product Size (mm): (S/M) 195*720*2mm​, (L/XL) 215*720*2mm
  • Package size (mm): 150*240*3mm​​
  • Product in official site: more details

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