Bracoo Partners with Work Van Equipment LLC to Promote Workplace Safety

Bracoo is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Work Van Equipment LLC

Work Van Equipment is a highly regarded e-commerce company that specializes in distribution of heavy duty van and truck equipment. Their products range from material racks, shelving accessories, and cargo storage systems to security locks and more.

We are delighted to be the first workplace injury prevention equipment company to partner with Work Van Equipment. This partnership is meant to promote safety for those who need to load and unload heavy materials from one job site to another. Workers in industries serviced by WVE typically stand for long periods of time which can cause fatigue and bad posture, thus significantly increasing their chances of injury. Without precautionary measures in place, the risks of causing permanent injury are more likely to happen. To make safety a priority and ensure a healthy working environment, Work Van Equipment has endorsed Bracoo’s BP60 Back Brace and KB30 Knee Brace as a part of their safety products.

More details on the BP60 Back Brace and KB30 Knee Brace can be found at WVE and on Bracoo’s website here and here.