5 Ways to Improve Posture and Alignment

Keeping a good posture throughout the day can help boost energy, prevent spinal misalignment, and have a lower risk of having low back pain. So what is the ideal alignment and good posture? 

Good posture comes from being upright against the force of gravity so that your bones are stacked properly with one another at their respective joints. The way the bones fit in relation to one another and to the whole body is referred to as alignment. When your body is in ideal alignment, it will cause the least amount of muscular and skeletal pain and strain. Below are some ways to improve posture and alignment. 

  • Yoga 

  • Yoga is an ancient holistic system consists of poses and movements designed to align the body and achieve a peace of mind. Chronic back and neck pain can often be helped with yoga, as long as you stay consistent with your practice and approach it in the right frame of mind. Select a class that is conducted at a level which allows you to be in the posts without feeling pain or destabilization. Consult your instructor before and after class to receive tips on how to avoid putting pressure on your pain points.

  • Chiropractic Practices 

  • Chiropractic is another alternative medicine discipline that targets to align spinal bones and joints. By adjusting the vertebrae, soft pressure points will restore the spine into natural alignment, resulting in a relief of muscle tension. 

  • Massage Therapy 

  • When you routinely perform daily tasks with poor body mechanics, your muscles can form stress and tighten that they may be out of line in the vertebrae. Massage is an alternative health treatment that can be effective to ease the tension in the muscles. Once you find a qualified therapist with the right credentials whom you feel comfortable with, you will feel that a massage goes a long way towards restoring your postal alignment.

  • Pilates  

  • Pilates is a system of exercises that aligns the whole body through a focus on core muscles. Strengthening the core will build alignment through the whole body, which will take the pressure off your lower back and correct poor posture. Pilates may be an excellent way to reduce pain and heal back injuries as well as posture and alignment issues. 

  • Bracing 

  • Lower back pain tends to occur after sitting still or doing repetitive movements (bending, moving, etc) for extended periods of time. Bracing is an option to help engage your core and lift your back so your spine is stabilized and aligned to avoid slouching and bad posture.