10 Essential Pregnancy Life Hacks

Whether you are pregnant or know someone who is pregnant, pregnancy is a marathon filled with ups and downs, especially the physical changes in the body. From morning sickness, never-ending nausea, swollen feet, to lack of sleep, and so on, there are many remedies and gadgets that can help relieve some of those symptoms. There are so many “can’t haves” in pregnancy, but investing in a few “must-haves” items below will make these 9 months go by more comfortable and pleasant for any moms to be. 

1. Comfort Comes First

Comfy leggings are the ultimate pregnancy staple whether you’re a leggings girl or not. Invest in cozy thermal tops, soft jersey joggers, basic yoga pants, high-rise panties, non-skid socks, curve-hugging dresses, stock up on clothing that are the most comfortable for you. 

2. Cooking Oils for Itchy Skin 

When you run out of your beloved baby belly oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, or coconut oil can have the same effect to create the post-shower pregnancy glow. To prevent and relieve stretch marks,  moisturize and pamper your bump with belly butter. 

3. Strap on a Maternity Belt 

Support your bump and lower back with Bracoo’s maternity belt as it provides pain relief, stability, and gentle support without restricting your movement during and post-pregnancy. 

4. Turn Your Sneakers into Slip-Ons

Get sneakers with cushioned support and get more mileage out of them by using Xpand laces so you can still workout without bending over to tie your shoelaces to avoid the shoelace struggle. 

5. Create an Everyday “Emergency” Bag 

Fill a toiletry kit with snacks, chewable antacids, ginger candies, lavender essential oil, - anything that you need to get through a rough day - and keep it in your purse so you’re always prepared and your cravings never go unsatisfied. 

6. Snack on Foods With High-Water Content 

Stay hydrated without constantly drinking water by snacking on foods that have high-water content such as cucumbers, radishes, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. 

7. Lay On a Silk Pillowcase in Bed 

By your third trimester, getting out of bed can be difficult as you may have trouble moving about from your lower back pain. Sleep on a silk pillowcase or invest in something similar to a Snoozle to help you move more freely and get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

8. Keep Tongs in the Shower

When you’re pregnant, you will drop the soap, shampoo bottle, your loofah in the shower more than you have ever before. Keep a pair of kitchen tongs in the tub will help make the grab easier without straining your lower back. 

9. Try a Salt Soak or Compression Socks/Sleeves 

If you are pregnant in the winter months, slip on a pair of compression socks or sleeves to help you combat the bloat in your feet and ankles. For summer months, try giving your feet a good soak in sea salt or add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil into a bucket of water. Your feet will feel as good as new. 

10. Keep Snacks on Your Nightstand 

Curb your cravings without getting out of bed by stocking snacks in your nightstand. Keep granola bars or non-perishable snacks in the drawer so you can go back to sleep without feeling hungry.