Bracoo’s Complete Guide to Compression Socks and Sleeves


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What Is Compression? 

Compression gear wrap around muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your foot, ankles, calves and arms and are made of a blend of materials consisting of nylon, polyester, and spandex. This mixture of fabric combined with compression levels serve the purpose of improving overall blood circulation throughout your body. High quality compression products should have a tight fit to prevent the blood in your body from staying in one place, stimulating the blood to circulate back to your heart. 

Compression promotes your body’s natural functions and helps speed up these processes to keep the body working efficiently thus boosting performance while also enhancing recovery. 

How Does Bracoo's Compression Technology Work?  

Compression products are built from a process of applying pressure to specific areas of the body to help increase blood flow and circulation to address swelling and inflammation due to injury. By increasing blood flow, more oxygen-rich blood is being carried through the body efficiently to repair soft tissues more quickly. Graduated compression means there is more pressure in certain area. For example, Bracoo’s compression socks have a graduated compression - more pressure applied near the feet and ankles and less pressure as the sock moves up the calves. 

Who is Suitable for Compression Products? 

Just about anyone can benefit from compression gear. From elderly who suffer from symptoms of diabetes or varicose veins, for frequent travelers who are always on the go, to competition-level athletes, they can all benefit from compression products that tailor to their individual needs. 

For people who stand for long periods of time for work, gravity is working against your circulation so it’s more difficult for the blood to flow upwards from your feet to your heart without the extra push from compression socks. 

For people who engage in intense training sessions such as marathoners, cyclists, competition-level athletes, your muscles require a faster circulation in order for your muscles to recover. Without good circulation, all muscles will stay tight after a workout, which means they are more likely to get sore or swell. 

Difference Between Compression Socks and Compression Sleeves 

Knowing the difference between compression socks and compression sleeve can make a huge impact to your performance and recovery time. The most noticeable difference between the two is where the compression ends. With compression leg sleeves, the second opening towards the ankle can be restrictive if worn for a long period of time. The blood can actually pool in your foot, causing the swelling you’re trying to avoid. Whereas compression socks have only one opening, which keeps the blood circulating at all times no matter how long you’re on your feet. Compression socks are the better choice if you plan on wearing them for a long period of time. Check out the chart below to find out whether compression socks or sleeves are more suitable for your needs. 


Everyone has different goals and needs when it comes to incorporating compression products in their work out The best way to know is to try both out and see how your body feels. Bracoo offers a variety of compression products ranging from compression socks, compression sleeves, ankle and elbow sleeves that will support your muscles and ligaments while you move. Each product is designed with appropriate graduated compression that get tighter the farther away it is from the heart.

Bracoo’s compression products are made of a unique blend of high-quality comfortable fabric for ideal moisture and odor control so you can focus on embracing your confidence on a daily basis. Browse our compression socks and sleeves collection here